What should you pay attention to and how to prepare your iPhone for festivals? We are going to show you, how a few simple actions can prevent theft, soak and other damages. It is worth taking the time for it to avoid inconvenience while having fun. Do you have an insurance? Even then you should not sit back and close this page, because in most cases it does not cover these kinds of theft and mislaying at music festivals. Even if a police report had been submitted, it cannot be guaranteed, that the insurance company will respect the circumstances.

Before the festival:

Useful steps in order to protect your data:

  1. Make a full backup via iTunes on your computer, because your lost data are irreplaceable (You can use iCloud as well, if you have a subscription)

  2. Disable the SIM PIN security. This way your phone will be able to connect automatically to the network after rebooting, update its position and display a message on the locked screen

  3. Always set up Find My iPhone on your device

  4. Use your contact information as wallpaper

  5. Set Medical ID, your name and contact information, which can be found even if the screen is locked. Also, let calls come in for the set contacts.

Physical protection, so you do not have to worry if your phone falls down, gets stepped on or wet.

  1. The most important is a robust case. The UAG Pathfinder or spigen RUGGED ARMOR will work well. These might be not the most beautiful ones, but saved my iPhone from changing display many times.

  2. Tempered glass protector
  3. Waterproof/dirt proof case with neck strap

  4. Safeskin! Anti-theft case, that screams if your phone leaves your area (3-5 meters). Unfortunately it is not yet available, but it sounds very promising. (Update: available in November, by the appearance of the new iPhone)

it is recommended that you have an external power bank or a solar charger for charging your phone on the sun while you relax. With a 10000 mAh power bank your phone can last for a few days without access to electricity. If you want get the most talk time out of your phone, read this.

Note the IMEI or serial number of your device, because you might need it at the lost property office or for the police report.

After the festival:

What to do, if the trouble has already happened:

in case of theft or loss, go immediately to www.icloud.com and sign in with your Apple ID. Try to get the exact location of your device, it may lie just around somewhere. DO NOT erase the data of the device first. If it is not available anymore, set its status to lost. In this case, once it is connected to the internet again, you can lock it and place your contact information on the lock screen.

Try to call it from another phone, go to the lost property office or the authority, and leave your contact information.

That’s pretty much what you can do in aftermath and the hope remains that it just lights up on the map!

Remember, that prevention is the most important, take care of your belongings or just leave your devices at home!

 if you need any accessories or help with your dropped, broken or soaked phone, visit iPrestige Apple Szerviz near Deák square.

5 to 10% discount with Sziget armband for repairs.

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